iOS/Android app for the shop
that can make for free.

This can develop the application with a combination of features that are available a lot. This program can inexpensively provide you with a short delivery time a unique app.
We also supports customization of design and functionality.
"Piece" because it is open-source, you can also use free of charge.

  • 2017/04/24

    Release of "a-walk" application that makes it easy to create CM with smartphone

  • 2017/01/30

    Began selling the application development package "Piece for Rakuten Market (official recognition)"

  • 2016/09/30

    We have received the social division activity application business "Yakiniku Department" "Golf Club" from Department activities.

  • 2015/06/24

    Piece package which shop application can develop from 0 yen and "nex 8 tracking" which can analyze user behavior on application start cooperation

  • Company name

    JokerPiece Co.,Ltd.

  • Tokyo office

    Kyowa west Bldg. 4F, 1-5-6, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    , 102-0072, Japan

  • Osaka office (Head quarter)

    Twin21MID Tower 37F, 2-1-61, Shiromi, Chuoh-ku, Osaka
    , 540-6137, Japan

  • Subsidiary

    JokerPiece ASIA Co.,Ltd.(Công Ty Tnhh Jokerpiece Châu Á):
    R.802 VietnamBusinessCenter, 57-59, Ho Tung Mau,
    Ben Nghe Ward, Dist.1, HCMC, Vietnam
    TEL:+848 6287 9921
    CAPITAL:USD 30,000

  • Capital

    JPY 30,000,000

  • Date of Establishment

    7 July 2003

  • "Board members

    CEO Kenji Sumida
    CTO Takayuki Hamamoto
    CMO Katsuhito Takeuchi
    Auditor Takeshi Hasui

  • Business Outline

    ・Provide the Piece that is open-source.
    ・"iOS/Android app", "Web software", "Business system" creative.
    ・Programer support, education & training.
    ・Operates a shopping site ""

Become ever-changing piece
get into the lifestyle.

Joker is wildcard of a trump. Piece is piece of a jigsaw puzzle.
Our mission is to create a "convenient" and "enjoy", "happy" to everyone.
We will use the knowledge and technology that have our for that.